Dive In!

Through decades of training and continual professional development, teachers grow into experienced educators with strong content knowledge and a deep toolbox of pedagogical strategies.  In addition, educators spend countless hours establishing a positive and supportive learning climate to ensure the social, emotional and academic development of their students.  Despite having so many strengths, many educators […]

Let go

What is your position in your classroom? Are you the transmitter of knowledge? Are you a facilitator of learning? Are you a designer of experiences? Chances are that you are more the latters than the former if you’re here and reading this. But how much control do you need to have? How tightly are you […]

Flipping the Class with Google Classroom

  What is a flipped classroom?  Typically, the term is used to describe teacher recorded lessons viewed by students at home, followed by assignments and assessments that allow students to apply the theories and concepts learned in the videos. Sounds like students are teaching themselves, but what it really means, is students have the opportunity […]